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impressed with aaron and his family. aaron told them he wanted to be a navy seal or a baseball player like them when he grows up for the latest update on the bombing investigation we ask you to visit our website, we will also have more coverage coming up on this newscast at 6:30. now to our weather unusually not just warm but hot. record breaking heat baking parts of the bay area. here is a look at san jose. it is still hot in the 80s in the south bay. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with how warm things are getting. >> not quite 100 degrees. temperatures in the 80s and 90s. here are some of the new records today. santa rosa is topping out at 91 degrees. livermore a new record at 89. mauft field at 88. napa airport reaching a high of 87 degrees. san francisco topping out at 83.
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also going down in the history books. now the down sloping warming winds coming slightly offshore will keep temperatures here in the low 80s. when it comes to that heat today we showed you this in the 5:00 hour it has been 40 to 50 years for parts of the bay since it has been this hot this time of the year. the record at oakland 85 degrees. the last time it was this hot this time of the year was in 1966. we are tracking a cooler flow coming our way with on shore winds. we'll let you know when the foggy breeze returns coming up in the full forecast mpts. new information about the three teens arrested in connection with the alleged sexual assault of 15-year-old audrie pott. the former saratoga high school girl committed suicide last year and her parents say it was the result of bullying and humiliation after she was sexual assaulted by the teens after passing out at the party.
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tony kovaleski broke this latest piece of information earlier today. you have learned that the three teens are out of the detention center? >> that is correct. according to two well played sources close to the case the teenagers accused were released mid day on saturday. there were several conditions connected. they are all under house arrest. we have learned all three are required to wear ankle bracelets as standard part of house arrest. they have hired an attorney and have filed a wrongful death suit. attorneys for the three young men have provided a statement saying much of what has been reported is inaccurate. getting more time to build a case. this morning a judge gave 30-year-old karla hernandez two weeks to review the evidence in her case. she is accused of kidnapping an 11-month-old baby and asked for more time before entering a plea. police say she kidnapped a baby
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girl in the back seat of her mother's jeep which hernandez allegedly stole. the baby was found okay inside the car abandoned in a drive way across town. the assistant d.a. tells nbc bay area they have dna evidence that places hernandez inside of the car and surveillance footage that shows hernandez knew the baby was in the back seat when she allegedly stole the vehicle. hernandez is supposed to appear in court tomorrow. a richmond grocery store will be shut down for the rest of this night. it was closed after a small explosion. a fire official says around 2:15 this afternoon a repair man was fixing a refrigeration unit when a canister exploded. the worker suffered injuries to his hands. >> after three months patrolling the streets of oakland the
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sheriff's department is pulling out. the state is stepping in to pick up the slack. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is now in oakland. >> the chp says it plans to amp up efforts after the almeida county sheriff's department put the brakes on the patrols here. the sheriff says patrolling oakland is risky business and they are simply not getting paid enough to cover their costs. almeida county sheriff's deputies spent the time behind the wheel. they might not be putting the skills on the streets of oakland any longer. >> we are simply trying to renegotiate better terms for the county cht. >> reporter: the sheriff's deputy ended the patrol of oakland on saturday after failing to come to an agreement
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with the city to extend the contract. the city says the wounding of a deputy made them realize the short term agreement didn't cover long term expenses. >> we are doing this on overtime. >> i'm upset that we weren't able to work out the dispute on the payments without interrupting the important services. >> reporter: oakland city council member who co authored the proposal said she was stunned to learn deputies had halted their oakland patrols but the city announced the california highway patrol has agreed to pick up the slack. says oakland's under staffed police department needs all the help it can get. >> the citizens are suffering every day because of the crime problem in oakland. we cannot pause. we cannot be interrupted in trying to lower the crime in oakland.
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>> reporter: now, talks will continue with the sheriff's department but in the meantime expect to see a lot more of the chp here. we could see the chp patrolling the city up to four times a week in the very near future. the chp says this is not pputting a strain on the highway patrol and they say it is part of their mission to help allied agencies. reporting live in oakland i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the sheriff is facing pressure from the board of supervisors to stop sending the finger prints of arrested immigrants to the federal government. tomorrow there will be a resolution introduced. the sheriff tells nbc bay area he will continue to cooperate with the federal government saying he trusts the immigration service to do its job. the board of supervisors has no legal authority over the sheriff. the town of atherton is
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sending the white house a bill of nearly $8,000. that is how much it cost for police and other security to protect president obama when he visited earlier this month. the president attended two events and raked in more than $3 million. atherton plans to send invoices to the white house, secret service, democratic national committee and the two house holds who hosted the private donor event. the president also stopped in san francisco but the city does not plan on charging him. >> it shows the long roads i have taken to get back to where i am. ahead at 6:00 expressing themselves in a new way. why local vets are turning to photography to help them find peace. a controversial idea is gaining ground. why you can soon pay more to shop online. and keeping kids safe. the potential changes to particular child care centers in california. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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they are great for busy parents but are they safe. we are talking about drop in child care centers. it raises concerns for local parents and a bay area state senator. marianne favro joins us in san jose. >> reporter: a lot of gyms offer short term child care to give parents a chance for a workout. the state does not require these centers inside the gyms to do a criminal background check on the employees. that is the part that may soon change. here at kids park a licensed child care center in san jose, the state requires all employees to be at least 18, have a
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criminal background check. but the playing field is not necessarily the same at all centers. staff at short term dropoff child care centers often found in gyms are not required to do any criminal background checks because parents are considered to be on the premises. the state does not mandate staffing ratios either. >> i just noticed that it is too out of hand, too many children for the amount of people they have watching 20 kids at a time. >> she was surprised to see how young the staff was. >> the kids you take care of, the little ones, they are kids themselves. >> which is why state senator is establishing new legislation. ceo also supports the proposed bill. >> everyone should play by the same rules. if you are caring for kids you should meet the standards of
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care. >> reporter: she says the changes will help protect kids. >> anytime that a teacher or adult is left alone with children they should have their background checks. >> reporter: because the business of keeping kids safe is not child's play. some gyms already meet the proposed new requirements including 24-hour fitness. we checked with them and they say they already do criminal background checks for their child care center employees and they also require that those employees be at least 18 years old. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. city attorney dennis herrera is launching an investigation int allegations that nevada dumped patients. petitioning nevada for documents pertaining to the practice.
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asking service providers to identify people whose right may have been violated. he says if the reports turn out to be true he will sue for compensation. they are celebrating in the south bay a huge night for netflix investors. our business and tech reporter scott budman peals back the curtain to tell us why netflix is soaring again. >> it was just six months ago people were all but writing netflix off and shares could be had for $50 a share. this evening after another quarter has been adding subscribers netflix continues to storm back watching the stock to a level above $200 a share. it will be a good tuesday morning if you own netflix stock. apple reporting its results tomorrow afternoon. today apple won a court decision ruling that apple did not
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violate a patent owned by rival google when it made the iphone. a big deal for twitter today about big money. the san francisco company signing a multi year deal said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. today the senate voting to move a bill forward that if passed would require sales tax to be collected on certain internet purchases. the first look at google glass. it's the latest way of taking internet with you. we will show you what it can do tonight at 6:45. it is in the hands and over the eyes of a few people in the bay area and it is already getting a lot of attention. >> looking forward to seeing that story. in the south bay a scare for a lot of shoppers. there were voluntary evacuations at valley fair mall this morning after a construction crew hit a gas line. a contractor hit the service
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line around 8:00 this morning. the line was properly marked. the leak was stopped by about 9:30 a.m. byob in most of san mateo county. shoppers will have to bring their own bags or get charged at the grocery store. the plastic bag ban goes into place in dozens of stores. the rule applies to grocery stores and convenient stores but not restaurants. the new law urges people to bring reusable bags. shoppers without bags will be charged 10 cents for each paper bag. plastic can be used for produce, meat and prescriptions. let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri who picked a beautiful week to come back to work. >> a nice return across the bay area with temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. some of the hottest weather in the interior valleys where a bit of a north wind was enough to push you into the 90 degree territory. 90 in santa rosa.
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92 in santa teresa. 91 in napa and 70 in santa cruz. the interesting thing about temperatures right now is not where it continues to be warm like in the south bay with plenty of low 80s. santa cruz 59 degrees. a surge of marine layer and clouds is cooling you off dramatically and that will be impacting everyone with huge cool downs coming our way this week. let's get a live look outside of our sky camera network. in san jose it is clear. not a lot in the way of gusty winds. in palo alto we are suffering with a little bit of haze in the atmosphere. and then you are noting some of the marine layer trying to build up at the immediate coast line. emeryville a clear shot back to san francisco. let's get you into the forecast here. we have high pressure offshore going to stay put for at least the next 24 hours giving us one more warm day. eventually that will weaken and we will get the on shore flow
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back in. for tomorrow morning primarily the biggest differences will be at the coast line. i do think we will have fog forming at the immediate coast. temperatures start off in the upper 50s and low 60s. by the noon hour things warm up quickly. another day for the east bay and south bay and north bay with temperatures in the mid 80s as we head throughout the afternoon. can't rule out a record. on the three day forecast temperatures dropping off the most here as we head into thursday instead of upper 80s and low 90s like today numbers drop to the 70s. and the coast line wednesday and thursday we say bye-bye to the beach weather as 60s start to come back. we give a check of the airport delays. we are not facing any here in san francisco. if you are doing a quick hopper flight down to los angeles they are experiencing major delays. we have cloud cover coming in
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but once again everyone else looking pretty good at this point. if you are heading to los angeles watch out for those delays. i have more coming up in the seven day forecast. >> we'll see you in a bit. it may be an online fad but could have life long kwau consequences. nothing but net. how a local basketball star is saving lives with every three-pointerer he makes. and the community gets back to its roots. we'll be back.
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a green is universal all week here at nbc bay area. you will notice our green nbc peacock. for years people have been
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turning vacant lots into community gardens. >> one has been transformed. joe rosato, jr. shows us how it is nourishing a community. >> a slice of country living, fruits hanging from branches, vegetables bursting from shrubs. the surroundings of san francisco's farm reveal this urban escape didn't escape very far. >> we are encouraging tree planting along there to shelter and there will always be traffic noise. >> reporter: the story is it is bumpy for the terrain. the city land was once a junk yard. in the 90s it was turned into a farm but when funding ran out the weeds took over. >> you have artichokes growing nicely there. >> reporter: a group of community volunteers inhave
6:22 pm
taken it back. >> we show people how to garden, expose people to ecological gardening. >> reporter: everywhere you look there are plants and flowers. >> anybody from anywhere can come and harvest whatever they need when the veggies are ready. >> reporter: the farm is entirely volunteer run. school groups and tourists. there are corporate groups hoping to give employees a taste of nature. >> i think what is happening in cities across america is unused space is being reclaimed as farm land and i think everyone wants to get back to the roots of where the food comes from. >> this is various types of lettuce. >> reporter: for many volunteers the work of farming is a
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vacation from the bustling world where the fruits of labor lead to a well-fed soul. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. an effort to go green at the state capitol could save california taxpayers more than a half million. initiated the project. they are receiving lighting, heating and air conditioning improvement. the upgrade will cost about $700,000 and that will be repaid in about just a year and a half. still ahead an interesting story about therapy through the lens. >> you still have it. >> how local veterans are finding new peace one picture at a time. and a terror plot foiled. a link to the united states. and i'm janelle wang. a possible motive in the boston marathon bombing. new information released today.
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the surviving suspect is formally charged next.
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the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect is now facing the possible death penalty sentence tonight. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev charged.
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>> today u.s. officials say evidence suggests the two bombing suspects were motivated by religion. we don't know what the evidence is but we know investigators have confiscated phone records and e-mails. meanwhile boston continues to grieve. a moment of silence in boston. also on the senate floor and at the new york stock exchange, a pause in daily business to mark the exact moment the first bomb went off in the boston marathon one week ago today. suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev remains in the hospital unable to speak because of a bullet wound to his throat. with the judge present the 19-year-old was charged with using a weapon of mass destruction that led to the killing of four people and wounding of 180. tsarnaev is listed in serious condition but reports say he is alert and able to acknowledge in writing. tsarnaev has been in the
6:28 pm
hospital since last friday when he was found hiding and bleeding in a boat of a backyard of a watertown home. the night before police say he and his older brother engaged in gun battle with officers. tamerlan was killed. police feel confident the two carried out the bombings on their own. >> we are satisfied that the two people committing the damage have been arrested or killed and the people of boston can rest comfortably. >> reporter: the first of four funerals took place today, a private service for krystle campbell. as for the body of tamerlan his parents want to travel to the u.s. to bring his body back. authorities warn the fbi that tamerlan had visited the hot bed of jihad. >> how could we from 2012 until the attack miss all of the radical statements and activity
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this guy engaged in. >> reporter: since dzhokhar tsarnaev is an american citizen he cannot be charged as an enemy combattant. instead tsarnaev will be tried in federal court. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. an al qaeda backed terror plot has been foiled. canadian authorities announced they arrested two men that they say wanted to carry out a major terrorist attack on a passenger train. this is video of one of the suspects arriving from montreal. the other suspect lived in toronto. both are believed to have ties to an al kid qaeda sell. >> we are allegeding that the individuals took steps. they watched trains and railways in the greater toronto area. >> had this plot been carried out it would have resulted in
6:30 pm
innocent people being killed or seriously injured. >> authorities are not saying exactly how the 30 and 35-year-old men planned to carry out the attack, only that they had the capacity and intent to commit terrorism. it is the first known al qaeda inspired plot in canada. the two are due in court tomorrow. governor jerry brown's prison realignment plan is coming under attack. critics say too many offenders are being released by the counties and that is leading to more crime. a proposed bill would target parole violators. if they are rearrested they go back to local jails. the new bill allows judges to return them back to prison. >> when they have demonstrated they will not abide by the terms of their release the return to state prison has to be an option. >> the proposed bill will get
6:31 pm
the first reading tomorrow before a committee in the state assembly. 43-year-old christopher mathi is pleading no contest. south san francisco man entered the plea friday. prosecutors say last september he kidnapped his 3-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son from their mother's home and took them aboard a yacht that he stole. after three days the coast guard intercepted the boat off the monterey coast and towed it to shore. for many veterans returning from the battlefield doesn't mean the war is over. for some the memories are over 43 years old. nbc bay area looks at how photography helps veterans deal with mental illness. >> we are going to get set up
6:32 pm
here. >> reporter: they gather once a week to share their stories. some of their stories are dark and troubling. >> i still have dreams sometimes. sometimes i hear gun fire and i still duck. it never leaves you. >> i was the target of a military sexual trauma in basic training. >> i have a lot of thoughts that are sometimes quite depressing or scary. >> reporter: all are military veterans and all still suffer from some form of ptsd. >> no matter how much treatment you get it is in the back of your mind. >> were you able to take any while you were away. >> reporter: the veterans say this is helping. it is therapy through photography. >> it is an alternative way to talk about and express themselves as part of their recovery. >> reporter: a few minutes of classroom instruction and they begin snapping. zooming in on things they see and how they can relate like
6:33 pm
this red wood. >> i feel i'm to that point again. i learn to stand straight and be happy in my life. >> reporter: at the end of the six week course the veterans get to put together a collage like this one where they express their inner feelings. >> but if you look at the tree it gets smaller and smaller and then you see these branches. and knowing my support people, my therapy, my friends, my counselors. >> nice picture. learning to be a decent -- i can't believe the tree is my life. i see my feelings in my pictures i take. >> reporter: he says his life 40 years after combat is just now coming into focus.
6:34 pm
nbc bay area news. consequences of the cinnamon challenge. the online trend that doctors say could lead to serious health problems. i'm scott budman. kind of cool, right? how well does it work? coming up a first look at a day in the life with google glass. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking some of the hottest weather today. a few of you did get into the 90s. we'll let you know how long this trend sticks around coming up in my full forecast.
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in health matters old enough to join the army but not old
6:37 pm
enough smoke. new york city could raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. top health officials promoted a bill to put restrictions on legal tobacco products. the idea is to delay young adult's access to tobacco. mayor michael bloomberg has made antismoking campaigns a priority. you might have heard of it called the cinnamon challenge. it is spreading online. you take one teaspoon of cinnamon and try to swallow it in 60 seconds without water. doctors say don't do it. videos of attempts are going viral. it can cause lung inflammation and scarring. cinnamon contains cellulose. it does not break down so it sits there and causes damage. bottom line, don't try it at home. >> spread the word around.
6:38 pm
let the teens know. a beautiful week ahead of us. we started off with record setting heat today. not a bad view outside of our san francisco sky camera. we will talk more about the fog and when it makes its return in our full weather forecast. until then i will enjoy the good weather. warriors dealt a huge blow in game one. how would they react in game two? after sweeping the padres the defending world champion will try to keep the momentum on their side against arizona. all of that and more from the x finity sports desk.
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i can see you getting one of these glasses. >> i am nervous that people are going to bump into me. the glasses have hit the streets here in the bay area. >> it would not be a good investment for me. while the rest of the world has to wait and see how google's next creation works on a story only on nbc bay area.
6:41 pm
scott budman so cool he has the google glass. >> reporter: technology consultant often starts her day at a favorite coffee shop but she looks a little different today. you will see lisa's brand new google glass. she is one of the first to buy it. here is what lisa sees when she walks into the cafe and when she gets noticed. >> i am looking at you. you can see me looking at you. this happens a lot. >> from people ignoring that i am wearing them to people asking. how much did those cost? >> reporter: glass currently costs about $1,500. it is a way to hook up to the internet via wifi or your smart phone and see the web right in front of you. you can walk into a store and search for the item you are looking at or save the image for
6:42 pm
later. >> right now you can actually touch this button and initiate a photo taking. you can also say glass take a picture. and it will take a picture. >> reporter: it is early for google glass which won't go mainstream until next year. you can see something about how google plans to take the net to the streets. it is the next step in wearable technology. lots of people have bands like this on their wrists that will connect to the internet. with google glass the internet comes directly to you. for lisa it is not enough to replace the rest of her technology. >> it only does so much right now. >> reporter: but it is enough for her to get excited when she looks ahead. in palo alt eo, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> it is so futurestic. remember in "star trek" the glasses. not far from it. >> give me the weather forecast.
6:43 pm
exactly. popping up through people's lenses because i am going to have to do it. monopoly here. nbc will own that maybe. we'll see. record heat for today. temperatures well above average. a few spots shattering old records. santa rosa hit 91. napa airport old record was 78 and we topped out at 87. it is an incredible. if you have plans outside for dinner. 80 in san jose. down into santa cruz temperatures in the 50s. we have updated this forecast through the next 12 hours. i think at the coast we will have clouds throughout the morning hours. look at this. inland areas by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow in the mid 70s. let's get you outside to our live hd sky camera network. green in san jose and clear skies for tonight a mild evening if you have dinner plans.
6:44 pm
in fremont the hills turning brown. one of the driest on calendar record. in san francisco you can see some of the marine layer trying to build the fog but it is not too consistent. when does the fog return? that is the big question around the bay area. looks like by 7:00 in the morning on wednesday we will start to see the stratus build back in the coast line. san mateo county and santa cruz county. throughout 7:00 p.m. on wednesday we will see clouds filter in. so far right now it looks like thursday morning is when we could have visibilities reduced. maybe drizzle at the coast line. you can see into the south bay and east bay we expect clouds there by thursday. that will help to cool us off. throughout tomorrow morning clear start throughout the south bay. 55 in livermore. daytime highs tomorrow you will notice start to go slightly cooler than today. the sea breeze tries to get
6:45 pm
going. mid 80s here in san jose. one of the warmest spots will be walnut creek. san francisco 75. much cooler as we head throughout thursday in the forecast. no rain coming our way. that is still good news for those of you that want the dry weather. as we head throughout this upcoming weekend we keep the spring sunshine and temperatures in the upper 80s. close to desert heat today but not quite there. the party is over there wednesday and thursday. so much excitement for the warriors. game two of the playoff series against the nuggets is tomorrow night in denver. if the warriors win or lose there is a group of people in africa that benefit thanks to stephen curry. >> thank you so much. the warriors getting set for game two of the series with the nuggets here at the pepsi center. on monday a practice we got a chance to catch up with stephen
6:46 pm
curry. an amazing series. the record season means it is a banner year for nothing but net. a global campaign of the united nations foundation dedicated to the fight against the spread of malaria. for each three-pointer made he donated three life saving bed nets. >> nothing but nets to help the cause and three point shots donate three nets for every shot i make. i picked the right year. obviously the record and trying to get as much publicity towards the effort as possible. >> reporter: nothing but nets was founded by sports journalist and author rick riley who appreciates how curry has helped in many aspects. >> fantastic dead eye shooter but he really has his eye on the
6:47 pm
prize here which is to try to save kids from dying of malaria. >> reporter: it goes well beyond the three point line. >> use your platform the best you can. a lot of people watch our games and may not be as aware of the problem of malaria and how preventable it is. we raise a lot of money and can't thank the fans enough. >> getting ready for the nuggets. game three back in the bay area on friday night. let's send it back to you in the studio. let's get on the flight. all three of us head to denver. >> bring your snow shoes, as well, if you end up doing that. it is cold out there. let's move to sports and the golden state warriors. they are stuck with searching for answers before game two. did head coach mark jackson show
6:48 pm
his hand? >> it appears it is easy for mark jackson to do two things at once. he is preparing for a playoff game. two days after david lee's season ending injury coach will not say which player will replace lee in the starting lineup for game two. >> still considering who it will be. a lot of options. and we'll move forward tomorrow night and make a decision. >> reporter: the player who slides into the starting lineup must be in playoff form down 1-0 lee's replacement doesn't have time to learn on the job. >> everybody that is on the floor has to make a considerate effort to protect that paint. >> it is what it is. you can't take game two to find your rhythm for game three. we can't afford to do that right now. we have no choice but to play as hard as we can. >> reporter: the warriors are a team with something to prove and they plan to silence critics tuesday night. to baseball nothing like a
6:49 pm
little home cooking for the world champion giants. giants outscoring rivals. diamondbacks come calling tonight. mindi bach has more. >> reporter: remarkable turn around for the giants pitching staff. when they were swept in milwaukee they gave up 21 runs and then returned home and swept the padres. manager bruce bochy says there were two things at work for the starters, correcting mistakes and coming home. >> you want to accomplish what we have done over the last three years with good starting pitching. i'm not surprised when they bounce back and throw the ball the way they have in this past series. >> maybe it is a comfort thing of getting back to home and getting in a rhythm. everybody has been really good, making good pitches and really turned it around. hopefully they can keep it this way. >> reporter: right-hander ryan
6:50 pm
vogelsong will be making his fourth start of the season. he is part of the rotation combined to throw five shutouts this season, the most in the majors. at at&t park, mindi bach, nbc bay area news. for the athletics players josh reddick and brandon marsh visiting aaron hern. he has under gone three surgeries. josh reddick said i felt like i got more out of it than him. that is some stuff right there. we hope and pray only good things for aaron. if you would like to donate to the recovery fund you can do that at any wells fargo bank. bottom of the eighth red sox lead it by a score of 9-6. >> kind of glad they are doing well. >> thank you. >> there you go. >> for a full half hour of local
6:51 pm
sports coverage you can watch tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
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6:53 pm
its beauty is world renowned. our investigative unit has found there is crime at yosemite national park. >> around 3 million visitors travel to yosemite every year and while most have no problem, crime is growing at the park. the annual law enforcement reports show drug possession is on the rise. we found that the number of arrests and citations have grown
6:54 pm
18% over the last five years. >> many of the people that are here that come here and spend a lot of time have similar sensibilities and that was always a drug culture so that might account for it. >> do you think there is a drug problem at yosemite? >> i think there is a transient drug issue here. >> tonight at 11:00 find out how drug stats compare to other national parks like yellowstone and the grand canyon. we also break down arrests and citations by the number of visitors. that is tonight on nbc bay area news. >> and we will look forward to seeing that this evening. >> thanks for watching us here at 6:00. have a great evening. we hope to see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that.
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one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> now on "extra." reese's arrest, her first words today about her husband's d.u.i., her showdown with the cops, and their night in jail. what police caught on dash cam video as an intoxicated reese played don't you know who i am? i'm in new york city where reese just cancelled all interviews this morning, but i did talk to her co-stars. married to the monster, the all-american girl turned bride of the boston bomber, was she brainwashed? what she knew about the terror
6:58 pm
attack. then suspect number two grilled in his hospital bed, the new clues he is giving the f.b.i. now trending, robin roberts out of the hospital and back on "gma." and arnold's date night with his girlfriend, guess who tagged along? maria and terri inside president clinton's hollywood night with charlize, leo, and jennifer lawrence. er big oops on the glaad award stage. then kim k's new interview, why she is in constant pain. >> her back hurts. her breasts hurt. her stomach hurts. her feet hurt. >> plus why mario is going back to school. >> 85 over six, oh, my gosh. >> "extra, extra!" >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" here at the grove. i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. the bomber he is widow, what she knew and how she went from all-american girl next door to terrorist wife.
6:59 pm
>> new info today on reese witherspoon's weekend arrest. >> jerry is in new york with reese's apology today after spending a night behind bars. >> arrested, booked, now reese witherspoon's first words after getting thrown in an atlanta jail for disorderly conduct. "i am very sorry. i'm deeply embarrassed. " reese's apology today after her caught-on-dashcam time during her husband's d.u.i. arrest. >> she is canceling all of her one-on-one interviews today after pulling off this giant surprise last night. trading in this pose for this one, actually walking the red carpet for the new york premiere of her movie "mud." new video paparazzi peppering the oscar winner with questions as she signed autographs and stopping for pictures with co-star matthew mcconaughey and news of her arrest went

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